Child-friendly Privacy Notice

Children’s Privacy Notice

Childminder’s name: Michelle Thompson

Because I am your childminder there are some rules I have to use. One of these rules means I have to collect some information about you so that I can look after you properly. 

Your parents have given me  information about your name, where you live,  what you like to do, your favourite toys, any special foods you need and some other information too. I have also collected some information about what you like to do when you are here. This may be photographs or notes about all the things you are doing and learning.
If you would like to see this information, you can ask me and I will show it to you.  Your parents can ask to see it too. 

Sometimes I ask your parents to check this information so that we can change it if we need to.

The law says that I have to keep this information safe and only show it to people who need to see it.

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