Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Current Vacancies

At any one time I can look after three children who are in the early years age group (0-5 years).  My current availability is listed below:
  • On Mondays I have one space available (from July 2014)
  • On Tuesdays, no vacancies,
  • On Wednesdays, no vacancies,
  • On Thursdays, no vacancies,
  • On Friday I have one space available (from July 2014)
From the middle of September 2014 I will also have space on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This is due to one of the children leaving to go to nursery school.

School age children:
  • I am able to do before and after school care for children who attend Corby Old Village Primary School.  At present I cannot take on any more children for after school care. I don't have enough seats in my car!
  • I am able to look after additional children during school holiday periods. 

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