Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hama Bead Creations

I’ve spent most of the day with an iron in my hand. No, I’ve not been catching up on my post-holiday ironing.  The older children have been making things with Hama Beads.  At first my pre-teen son wasn’t interested.  I introduced him to Pinterest where he could find ideas of what to make. Since then he has created Superheros, Umpa Lumphas, Mario Kart mushrooms, a cartoon ninja, a duck and many more.  The girls are currently creating lots of mini cupcakes.  They’ve requested skin colour beads which are now on order from Craft Merrily along with some glow in the dark beads.

I was quite surprised with the range of craft materials and activities in Wilkinson’s today. We have bought bunting to decorate tomorrow and also some mini magnetic ceramic tiles.  I went in for Hama beads, couldn’t find them but came out having spent £22 on things I didn’t go in for!  My shopping included some little conifers which the children have just planted in pots in the garden. We also transplanted lot of bulbs ready for the spring.

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