Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Painting with Marbles

Today we used marbles and paint to make marks on paper.  I had three boys aged between 17 – 30 months who all enjoyed the activity.

We had a bowl of yellow paint and a bowl of pink paint. The boys dropped some marbles into each bowl of paint and stirred them around so that they were covered in paint.

We sat some paper on the bottom of a clear plastic box (I used a Poundland cake carrier).  The boys used spoons to take the marbles out of the paint and pop them onto the paper.

We put the lid on the box and they each took turns to shake the box.  They could see the marbles rolling around making trails of paint across the paper.

The paper had a  flower outline printed on it.  I’ve cut the finished flowers out and we’ll use them to make cards at a later date.

I've been told that this activity works well using golf balls, we'll try that another day.

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