Sunday, 1 May 2011

Our Vegetable Garden

Two years ago my husband built a raised vegetable plot in the corner of our garden. We've not got the time or space to grow all of our vegetables ourselves but it is nice to show the children where they come from.
The past two years we have grown peas. The children picked the peas, podded them then ate them before they reached the saucepan. They were very easy to grow but take up quite a lot of space and don't produce a huge amount. This year we are going to grow green beans. They are fast growing so the children get to see the results in a short time.
The three strawberry plants that were purchased last year spread and are growing well. Again, they don't produce a huge amount but several of the children adore strawberries. They'll see how strawberries grow rather than thinking they just come from Asda!
Our blueberry bush was a tiny 99p plant from Wilkinsons. At last it is starting to flourish so fingers crossed for some juicy berries from that.
We've also got a pot of chives, a rhubarb plant and today, I bought a new bay tree.
At the moment the kitchen window sill is covered with courgette plants that the children have grown from seed. Once these can be planted outside then we'll sow some cress and lettuce to keep indoors.
The children always like to plant sunflowers and watch how tall they grow.
The shed and wood round the raised vegetable plot have been painted this weekend. I'll get a new trellis in the next few days then I'll post a photograph.

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