Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Northamptonshire Country Parks

Our parking permit for Fermyn Woods expired last week. At the weekend, my husband and I took or own children to Barnwell Country Park. We decided to renew the permit, this year having one that covers some of the other country parks in the county(Fermyn, Irchester, Brixworth, Sywell and Barnwell). I worked out that with the parking charge of £2.50 you need to visit the parks 19 times or more to make it worthwhile. During the Spring/Summer months we can sometimes be at Fermyn woods several times in one week. It also saves the hassle of making sure you have change for the parking meter.

Fermyn woods have just caught up with the other parks and have started Nature Tots sessions. We'll be attending one of these for the first time at the beginning of May. They say it is a toddler group with a difference. I'm hoping now we've booked a place that the weather is kind to us!

On Monday I took five children alone to Fermyn woods. We arrived at 9am and didn't leave till 1pm (had to be home for children to be collected). Lunch ended up being very early that day. From 10am the older children were asking when it would be time to have the picnic. By 11.15am I gave up saying, 'not yet' and we headed to wash our hands for lunch.

We're so lucky having a park like this so close by. Next week we're going to head a little further afield. I fancy going to Brixworth or Sywell as I've not been to those for years. Looking at the County COuncil website it seems that both parks have changed a lot in recent years.

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